This time of year there seems to arise a controversy concerning the Easter Bunny. Some feel since we have come into the knowledge of and a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that we should do away with the Easter Bunny. Basically, we should now kill of the bunny.

I grow up in a Christian household and we always celebrated Easter.  First thing in the morning we'd awake and see what the Easter Bunny brought us, then we'd have a quick breakfast and put on our new Sunday best and head off to Church to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.  We'd return home and have our Easter dinner with ham and extended family members. For me, it was an exciting day, one that I looked forward to!

Having this experience didn't lead me to worship the Easter Bunny, nor did it take away from the power of the Resurrection.  I was blessed enough to be able to enjoy marshmallow pink bunnies and yellow chicks, dyed hard-boiled eggs, chocolate bunny rabbits, celebrate Christ and have a Sunday family meal.  The Easter Bunny had no impact on my relationship with God.  In fact, as I child, I thought that Jesus' resurrection was the reason for the "celebration" and that's how children celebrated, with candy, family and fun.  Looking back now, I have a fond childhood memory that will be with me for life. I had Easter because of the Resurrection.

I am not saying one should or shouldn't, just sharing my experience.  What do you say?

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